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Apple Fritter

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Apple Fritter Exotic vape carts
flavor are distinctly purple complimented with dark shades of olive green with fine orange hairs covered with sticky, milky trichomes. Patients have described the high as a cerebral euphoria followed by a heavy body sedation. Apple Fritters has a distinct pungent sour apple taste that sweetens nicely when exhaling; Definitely a must to keep some room for Apple Fritters in your home and add some green to your diet. Due to the potency at about 25% THC levels, patients have used Apple Fritters or dank vapes to address ailments such as chronic stress, pain from illness or injury and depression.

For the source and those in Cali wanting to order some flowers see here for the details. I am interested to grow this strain, but when i saw the price of the seeds that the only breeder i could find who has then charges i kinda lost interest. He goes by the illustrious name of copycat and he sells Apple Fritter here for $150 per seed! God forbid if that seed don’t pop! I may be crazy but i’m not mad enough to pay that amount of money for a single seed.

Does anybody know this strain and/or perhaps where i can purchase Apple Fritter seeds for a better price?


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