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Ancient OG

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Bodhi Seeds, in all of their mystery, are one of the most sought after breeders in the world. So it’s no surprise they keep up their reputation by delivering on world-class hybrids and strains such as this one. Ancient OG lives up to their stellar reputation by crossing the extremely popular Iranian Landrace and Snow Lotus strains.

These dank nugs are small and minty green with dark orange hairs and finely frosted transparent trichomes. The thick coating of resin gives the outer appearance a nice sheen rich in color and texture. The flavors are favorable, with points all over the board: sweet, savory, earthy, and tart. The piney aromas compliment the citrus fruit palate that’s accented by earthy notes and grass.

Smoking this strain will have you soaring on cloud nine with its uplifting and intensely cerebral effects. The high hits your head hard, and even though the ratio of sativa is much less than the indica, the effects are not lacking in any way. You’ll feel initially heady with waves of energy and excitement. That phase quickly evaporates into a mild body buzz that pulls you back to the couch and eventually melts into a totally introspective and spacey high. You might as well grab a snack, because you’ll be chilling here until your high dissipates.

-For medical purposes, this strain is ideal for users who suffer from conditions such as chronic pain and moderate cases of depression and stress.

-Newer users should proceed with caution as this high is a trickster, having you believe that the energy will last and you can have a few more hits to get it going, then quickly swooping you into full-on couch lock.

Most growers recommend the sea of green gardens for this plant and we are inclined to agree. Ancient OG will thrive in either indoor or outdoor conditions, though the yields tend to be slightly different. In the right environment, your harvest will be quite bountiful and will reach its full potential at around 10 weeks or in late October.

This nighttime high is perfect if you want to relax without your day going completely up in smoke.

-It offers the right amount of energy paired with the perfect amount of body buzz for that idyllic balance both recreational and medical users love.


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