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Amber industries cartridges

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Amber industries may not be well known on, but if you’re lucky enough to have access to them you’re in for a treat. These are some of the best prefilled cartridges, they’re incredibly strong testing between 80-90% THC. It doesn’t require too much vaping before you can find yourself heavily medicated. The reason behind the potency is because waxes, shatters, and cannabis oil is refined into a purer form of THC using chemistry. The result is a more potent end product up to 96% THC.

While the THC oil in these prefilled cartridges may be great, there lies an issue with the cartridge not being able to vape the entire fractional distilled cannabis oil. A small layer of hash oil is always wasted which happened to over 5 of these carts I tried from this company. Other than these drawbacks the cartridge design itself has some tremendous vaping ability that makes it easy to vape huge clouds. The oil is a bit thicker than Brass knuckles cartridges, Heavy Hitters vape carts, and 710 king pen. Extracted cannabis oil without any fillers is thicker than hash oil with fillers added.


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